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  • Detroit Roni pizza, served
  • Classic Cheese pizza, served

Pizza Mamo

About us

At Pizza Mamo, pizza lovers can enjoy two unique styles of pizza - Detroit and Brooklyn. The Detroit style is a double risen rectangular pan pizza with a caramelized cheese crust using farm-fresh Wisconsin brick cheddar. This thick focaccia-like crust pizza is fluffy and chewy on the inside with crispy cheese edges. The Brooklyn style is a 16-inch New York/Napolitano hybrid thin-crust pizza cooked to perfection in a wood-burning oven, marrying the best aspects of American pizza and the Italian classic.

Each ingredient is carefully curated from local farmers and producers across Hawaii, the U.S. mainland, and Italy to deliver an elevated pizza never before seen in Hawaii. The dough is made in-house with the finest flour, undergoing a very specific double fermentation process to produce a crispy-airy crust.

The name Pizza Mamo was inspired by the swift mamo bird, representing how the pizzeria's pizza travels well, maintaining its integrity and deliciousness. Endemic to the islands, the mamo honeycreeper was once the most honored bird in ancient Hawaii. Its yellow feathers were carefully plucked and woven together to create capes and hats for Hawaiian royalty, including the famous cloak of King Kamehameha The Great. Pizza Mamo pays homage to the islands by serving only the best of the best in ingredients sourced both locally and abroad - a pizza fit for a king, and for a community to be proud of.